Friday, April 15, 2016

Bloody Bloody Jon Snow

Half-naked men getting covered in blood and gore on theater stages is what's in for 2016, you guys -- I've already seen it twice this year, with Mark Strong and Russell Tovey on stage for A View From the Bridge and with Benjamin Walker in American Psycho (see here), and now here comes our first look at Kit Harington in a new take on the play Doctor Faustus, which will begin shows next week in London. (via, thanks Mac) Someone go and report back, please!

UPDATE! I guess the show actually premiered last night and 
there are pictures of him taking a bow in just his underwear!

Jon Snow is alive!

In my pants!


Peggy Sue said...

Quite a strange bulge, if you ask me!

squeezit said...


Nadine78 said...

I don't know the person who runs this KH fan Twitter account, but I appreciate them. 2 words: bare ass.

J.D. Alexander said...

Oh yes, Give it to me Jon Snow