Friday, April 15, 2016

Pic of the Day

You'd think that the previously posted shot of Kit Harington in just his underwear soaking wet with gore would be today's "Pic of the Day" (you really reeeeally would think that) but I'm glad I saved that designation because The Playlist just shared the first shot, seen above, from Andrea Arnold's new movie American Honey, and I am lapping it up. Love the color! The film is premiering at Cannes, but before that Arnold is showing up at the Tribeca Film Festival next week to do a talk, and I will be there, you better believe it! This is her first film since her gorgeous adaptation of Wuthering Heights came out a full five years ago; before that she gave us the glorious gift of Michael Fassbender in Fish Tank which keeps giving, and giving, and giving... Anyway here's how they describe Honey:

"Starring newcomer Sasha Lane as Star, the film centers on her troubled life after she runs away with a traveling group and sells magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Star then meets Jake, played by Shia LaBeouf, a member of a group of teenagers who party hard, break the rules and lead tumultuous lifestyles. Young love and difficult life choices are depicted in the British director’s latest, which she also wrote. Riley Keough co-stars."

My boyfriend is a massive Elvis fan and he might be the only person on Earth rooting for Riley Keough (she's The King's granddaughter, of course) to become a thing, so he will be very pleased to find out she's co-starring an in Andrea Arnold movie.

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Iñaki said...

Hate nepotism, but Keough is actually pretty good in The Girlfriend Experience. Watch it, I think you might like it.