Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Happens In The Green Room, Stays...

The tension starts snaking through from the first frame of Green Room - director Jeremy Saulnier's crackerjack follow-up to his 2013 breakthrough Blue Ruin - and before your throat even notices the air's not coming. The walls, painted black, have already closed in. Escape, Borg-like, is futile. Appropriate given Captain Picard's presence - Patrick Stewart too is there before you even realize it, and by then it's too late, by ten.

That chestnut tale of a likable cast of likable young faces who find themselves cock-deep in the horror, the horror - the slasher movie cabin-in-the-woods stripped, gutted, spray-painted and pissed upon; the Scream movie staple with a baby-pin through its tit. Punk Rock meets Torture Porn, and a nasty little pig-fucker of a movie is born, pet its pretty wet head.

I was more mixed on Blue Ruin than I'd hoped I'd be but I am unreservedly in ahh-more-ay with Green Room, a breakneck bottle-rocket of situation abnormal further fucked up, where everything that can go wrong goes wronger and wrongest, wriggling, making stumps of hands and feet, hobbling with a heartfelt "Fuck Y'all" towards Molotov oblivion. Light that bitch on fire and burn the Queen down! Good stuff, good stuff!


Yummy Pizza said...

Alia Shawkat!!! I hope she don't die.

Can't wait for this.

homeslaughter said...

Wow, you sold me