Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wham Bam Spider-Man

No sooner had I clicked "purchase" on my tickets to see the new Captain America movie (they just went on sale a minute ago) then did I see they've also just released a new trailer for the film and as you can see there - it's Spider-Man! Our very first look at Tom Holland (or, you know, a Tom Holland shaped CG blob) is here! Here's the trailer:
Seeing Spider-Man is exciting, don't get me wrong, as is the little glimpse of Ant-Man running around, and Black Panther's looking fairly kick-ass too, but it's this shot...

... that's got my panties all bunched up. 
Why is Scarlet Witch melting The Vision???


shaun said...

And he's subduing Cap with sticky white stuff. ;)

Celendra said...

Foreplay, android style?

Unknown said...

The shield even looks fake I'm pretty sure they haven't finished with the effects hopefully

Anonymous said...

That costume is no.

Anonymous said...

Civil war was AWESOME!!!!