Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Stick 'Em Up, Groff

Back in December we heard that David Fincher was adapting for Netflix the true-crime book called Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, which tells the tale of the first FBI serial killer profiler and his team - this dude inspired the character of Jack Crawford from the Hannibal Lecter books (slash movies slash awesome fucking television series). We thought at the time that Charlize Theron was starring in it, but it seems that she's just producing? Anyway now the first actor has gotten cast, and it's the adorable fella attached to those armpits above, Mr. Jonathan Groff!

Thing is, just as with that first bit of news where we were confused about Theron's role, now the news is vague as well - we don't know who Groff's playing, if it's FBI agent or serial killer, or what. Honestly I could see him as either (which is part of why we love him). But we'll keep our eyes and ears and other holes open for whatever Groff wants to give us.

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