Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I Am Link

--- Knick Knick - Dunno if any of youse guys like The Knick, I haven't really talked about the show much here (save my lust for Michael Angarano wearing nothing but a top-hat and a grin), but the second season just ended this week with maybe its best episode ever, and The Playlist talked to Steven Soderbergh about the ending (so spoilery, natch) and what is ahead for the show. Summation -- it won't be back until at least 2017 and it will probably be somebody else directing everything, though he'll still produce. It could even skip to a new time-frame but I think that would be a mistake; the period informs so much of what makes the show peculiar and particular I'd hate to lose that. But my suggestion for an auteur to take the show over is Andrea Arnold, please!

--- And Speaking of the auteurs slide to the little boxes, David Fincher is slapping himself across another smaller-screen project - he's going to direct an adaptation of the nonfiction book Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit for Charlize Theron to star in (I think; the wording is vague, she could be just a producer), which is about you gussed it tracking down serial killers. David Fincher's never done anything like that before! Seriously though Fincher + Theron is killer. This would be for HBO, by the way. But seeing as how Fincher's had two television projects fall apart in the past year we will not be holding our breath.

--- Delayed High - I've been so busy the past week or so I haven't been able to do one of these posts in a bit (they're time consuming, in case that isn't obvious) - point being a few of these news-items are a little creaky. Like here is the trailer for Ben Wheatley's High-Rise, which has been out for a week and which I really really really shoulda been all over since I've been clamoring for this movie, which stars Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans and Jeremy Irons and Elisabeth Moss and is based on a neat-sounding JG Ballard book which I still haven't gotten around to reading even though I've said I was going to read it months and months and months ago when I first heard about this. Oh & PS I haven't even watched this trailer myself; that's where I'm at!

--- The Big Furry - Somehow I had totally forgotten that Netflix had given Christopher Guest the cash to make a brand new mockumentary, bless them, and over at DH they talked to Guest regular Jane Lynch about the project, which is about those folks who wear team mascot costumes, and is called, appropriately, Mascots. Be forewarned she gives away some of the gags surrounding her character and she probably shouldn't have - I imagine they will play funnier on-screen than they do just having them laid out in front of us in written conversation. But still I was glad to be reminded!

--- His Joy - We should have posted this link the other day when we posted that attractive (is there any other kind) picture of Edgar Ramirez, but hey two Edgar Ramirez mentions won't spoil anybody's fun -- here's an interview with Edgar talking about his role opposite Jennifer Lawrence in David O. Russell's film Joy, which is out this week, and which I will probably watch in the next 24 hours.Oh and here's an interview with him talking Point Break, which he's pretending will warrant a sequel, the adorable fool. (thx Mac)

--- And Bringing together several strands from above, speaking of Old News and Netflix Projects hey didja hear about how Netflix is making a new movie starring Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler? Yeah I know of course you did, and I really have nothing new to add to the conversation, except my own weak little "Hooray!" I'm not even the biggest fan of The First Wives Club (as far as 90s lady projects it's middle of the road but it has some very fun moments) but I do love these actresses and it'll be fun seeing them reunited. And since it's not a First Wives Club sequel they can bring back Stockard Channing too, right?

--- Ring Out The Awesome - Nathaniel's doing his spectacular spectacular "Year in Review!" over at The Film Experience this week through next and he's already covered a ton o' 2015 fun -- the year's worst movies, the years best fashion, the year's best animals. It's non-stop hootenanny, cinematically speaking. I will have my own list of something or other to add next week to it, so stay tuned (I will definitely link up) for that.

--- And Finally just when you think James Franco can't top himself (unlike his brother Dave who is quite excellent at topping himself) with the gay stuff he goes and announces that he's remaking the Tori Spelling classic garbage flick Mother May I Sleep With Danger for Lifetime. That is the gayest thing he has ever done. That is gayer than letting Michael Shannon butt-fuck you, that is how gay that is.

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