Thursday, March 10, 2016

Good Morning, World

RIP to East of Eden actor Richard Davalos, who played James Dean's brother in the film, and gave us this the second gayest screen-test that James Dean was ever involved in. (The first gayest being the one of Dean & Paul Newman flirting, of course.)

We've posted this video a couple of times before but we've never giffed the good bits, so let's do that this morning in Davalos' honor. Hit the jump for the video itself alongside all the brotherly wrasslin' and huggin' and what not that you can handle...


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joel65913 said...

LOVE this movie so much and these screen tests are just the icing on the cake. Unlike Dean he seemed to have had a good happy and long life. I'll have to watch the film in tribute.

Have you ever seen the Jane Seymour mini-series that covers the entire book? She's completely brilliant as Catherine/Cathy/Kate...really she was never better. It's a pity that Timothy Bottoms is so weak as Adam but Bruce Boxleitner makes a fine, and occasionally shirtless, Charles and Hart Bochner fills Davalos's role of Aron with his great beauty it's still Jane's show though.