Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Between A Woody and a Rockwell

If you head over to The Film Experience I just dove into today's exciting casting news regarding Martin McDonagh's new movie - yes the one that already has Frances McDormand in the lead role, rendering it Already Beyond Awesome on the strength of that alone. But these two fellas ain't nothing to sneeze at! (Unless by "sneeze" you mean something sexual, in which case... okay sure?) (But that would be weird -- why would you use the word "sneeze" as something sexual? What the hell is wrong with you?) (Weirdo.)


Drew said...

Unrelated, but I'm watching (the absolutely dreadful) Miss You Already and Dominic Cooper wears a thong in one scene :)

JA said...

Haha I know, Drew! I was weirdly just talking about this two days ago -- I tried to watch the movie several weeks ago and only made it halfway thru it (because yes, it is bad) and saw that scene and was like OH MY GOD I HAVE TO POST THAT, but I keep thinking I have to finish watching the movie first, and it keeps not happening. I should just post it I guess! Spare everyone our torment of having to actually watch the movie

Drew said...

Hehe. I think you should just post it. I gave up after thirty minutes. But that scene was definitely worth the Redbox rental.