Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Bart: Now just because we're kids, Because we're sort of small, Because we're closer to the ground, And you are bigger pound by pound, You have no right, you have no right, To push and shove us little kids around... Now just because your throat has got a deeper voice, And lots of wind to blow it out, At little kids who dare not shout, You have no right, you have no right, To boss and beat us little kids about... Just because you've whiskers on your face to shave, You treat us like a slave... So what? It's only hair. Just because you wear a wallet near your heart, You think you're twice as smart. You know that isn't fair... But we'll grow up someday, and when we do I pray, We won't just grow in size and sound, And just be bigger pound by pound... I'd hate to grow, like some I know, Who push and shove us little kids around. 

Dr. Seuss, that silly goose, was born 112 years ago today!
This is the only good live-action Seuss movie - see it! Be it!
And then read our great big post on the movie here. Dear.

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