Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eric Bana So Special

Last night right around the time we shared that image of Eric Bana in Ricky Gervais' upcoming Netflix film Special Correspondents -- about a pair of journalists who fake a war from the comfort of their living-room -- we missed that the trailer had been dropped, so now we will share that. 

This comes out on April 29th. Your mileage on Gervais probably varies, and varies widely, but I still have some very happy Office fumes that I'm running on all these years later, and Bana's enough for me anyway, so I am there. I mean, that shot of him at the window...

... makes me there. Eric Bana standing around is enough! Oh and Eric Bana coming out of the surf in wet jeans...

... is also enough, especially since it gives us very fine Hanna flashbacks to those soaking wet long-johns of his. But seriously this thing's cast is fantastic -- Kelly MacDonald and Vera Farmiga! Oh and hi Raul Castillo!

What do you think our chances are that him and Bana will reenact that scene from Looking? You know the one. I mean I can't see Raul Castillo without picturing Jonathan Groff ejaculating in his mouth... which he might not like as an actor trying to move on from other projects post-Looking but he needs to embrace that shit because it makes me want to keep him around for a very long time. Ready aim fire, Bana!

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