Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

...making Ryan Reynolds bark.

We missed marking International Women's Day earlier this month (which is the holiday punchline of this scene) and then we missed National Puppy Day yesterday... so this seems like a fine compromise. Who's a good lil' doggy? Deadpool is, that's who.

Deadpool is out on blu-ray on May 10th, and it sounds like you'd be better off just waiting around and re-watching it rather than seeing Batman v Superman this weekend. Although...

... at least those folks do seem to have realized they need to sell their prime asset. (Thanks Henry) And I'm just now realizing that putting these pictures beside each other makes it look like Zack Snyder decided to take a page from Wade Wilson and we're getting the Kryptonite pegging scene the world's been waiting for...? I know that look, Amy Adams!

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Anonymous said...

"Wake up Henry. It is time to pretend you're straight to promote that horrible movie we made. Please try not to sound as snob and posh as usually darling" Amy Adams seems to be saying.