Friday, February 26, 2016

I Have Found Jesus

I may be an atheist but I know when the time is right to get on my knees, and Tom Payne -- who just showed up as the character nicknamed "Jesus" on The Walking Dead this week -- is the right time for worship. Okay his fake beard is silly and now that I've seen the chase sequence that introduced him set to Benny Hill music it's hard to un-see that...

... but still, dude is pretty, pretty, pretty, even under the show's typically abysmal costuming, and the news that the character he's playing is, in the comics at least, gay... well color me enthusiastic. They haven't admitted whether the show character will follow suit, although Payne apparently said in an interview that fans will be happy and I think de-gaying him would make fans the opposite of that so I think we're safe. He needs to make it with Aaron!

1 comment:

shawnp said...

He needs to make it with Daryl so we can watch the internet BURN!
Seriously, that head lolling on Daryl's shoulder? Meet cute!