Monday, March 09, 2015

Walking With Ross Marquand

If you're still watching The Walking Dead you may or may not recognize that fellow above - he looks pretty different there from how he rolls as Aaron, the openly gay suburban-oasis recruiter.

Marquand was on The Talking Dead last night and I usually don't watch that because I usually watch The Walking Dead itself later in the week but I wasn't doing anything else last night and so I watched the whole shebang live and my boyfriend and I just can't seem to quite figure out which side of the Creepy-Hot divide he falls on. Which works in the show's favor obviously (and bless this Alexandria storyline, which has brought an actual sense of humor onto the show) but not in me figuring out my obsessions.

But I need to make up my mind how I feel about the show's new homosexual... his boyfriend seems pretty clearly meat for the grinder so I'm not paying him much mind. Sorry, Eric! You've just got "Victim" written all over you!

(I haven't kept up with the comics so I have no idea if that's true though.) Anyway Marquand's off-show beard-inclination, this YouTube silliness... and obviously that shirtless picture... has tipped me over onto the "Hot" side on him. Congrats, Ross! You're in!


shaun said... hot ;)

Ross said...

I'm feeling a bit mixed about him. Looks-wise, I think he's handsome, but I read an article in which he talked about having patience with people using hate speech against gays because of his upbringing as a Christian. Setting aside the issue of whether we should have patience with such people, he used a few phrases that put a bad taste in my mouth. He stated, "I think a lot of my friends who are friends of the LGBT community really just have no patience for that, but I do." So he doesn’t know anyone in the LGBT community, but he has friends who do? And he stated, “I think there needs to be an acceptance and awareness, and at the end of the day, whether or not people agree with others’ choice to be with a man or a woman is somewhat irrelevant only in the sense that there needs to be respect at the end of the day.” I mean, he comes across as supportive, but then there’s that word, “choice.” I sort of get the feeling that maybe he’s one of those “love the sinner, hate the sin” Christians.