Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Good Morning, World

This is a couple days overdue but I had more important things - like ruminating upon Ralph Fiennes' sexy creep factor - to do so here we are, Wednesday, otherwise known as Hump Day in some quarters, and we're doing Aaron Tveit. (The last portion of that sentence amuses me.) The above picture was dropped by JJ last week and is from a movie called Stereotypically You, which is premiering in Santa Barbara this weekend at the film festival there. It co-stars Abby Elliot, Chris Elliot, and Kal Penn, and is about a dude having some sort of nervous breakdown that leads to "surreal hallucinations, flashbacks, and sex fantasies." Sure! Anyway that aside Aaron was of course on everybody's lips (heh) this week because of that Grease Live thing he starred in, and if you missed them over on the Tumblr I posted a few terribly vital pictures from it.

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