Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Good Morning, World

Here's a little Ralph Fiennes making horror sexy for the umpteenth time, this go-round as the killer in the film Red Dragon -- this throwback was inspired by Murtada's list at The Film Experience ordering the Oscar-nominated roles in Spielberg films, which (spoiler alert) is topped by Fiennes' terrifying turn in Schindler's List...

... and listen, we weren't the one that sometimes shot Ralph like a dewy-lipped Old Hollywood glamour-puss in that movie, so don't blame us for the disturbingly seductive feelings that Spielberg's camera drew out of us when looking at him there. It's Stevie's fault!

Anyway I want to draw attention to this truth from Murtada's piece:

"When he lost to the career honor of Jones, everybody thought he’d get many more opportunities to win. Alas 22 years later Fiennes only has one other nomination; for The English Patient (1996). Where is his “overdue” narrative?"
What he said!

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