Tuesday, February 02, 2016

His Name Was Kato

Is it weird that the casting I'm most excited about in The People vs OJ Simpson, which starts its ten episode run tonight, is Billy Magnussen as Kato Kaelin? (pic via) I mean this as no offense to Billy but it is such great casting! I hope he kills it. Which, in this context, is maybe not the finest word choice. Whatever.

I've told this story before but the first time I came to New York City was in 1995 to check out NYU and I visited the Planet Hollywood in Times Square because that's what people do on their first trip to the big city and for some reason Kato Kaelin and Charlie Sheen were signing autographs to a teeming mob. 

I have a shirt signed by the two of them buried somewhere! Anyway my point is I hope that Ryan Murphy reenacts this scene, and that he's hired somebody awesome to play me. Zac Efron maybe? Jake Gyllenhaal could do it. That's all I am saying.


creamycamper said...

His part last night was pretty small, but he was great! Totally captured Kato.

JA said...

I wasn't able to watch it last night, but I will tonight! I am excited

creamycamper said...

I'll admit I'm probably too gung-ho for Ryan Murphy shows, but this is REALLY good. It totally took me back to my 12 year-old self. Very excited to see the rest of it.

Rob K. said...

Billy M is becoming a master at playing goofy douchebags -- I know you hated The Big Short but I thought he killed in his small role as a, you know, goofy douchebag.