Friday, January 29, 2016

The Finest Bana

There's been a criminal lack of attention given to the fact that Eric Bana is The Finest Hours out this weekend -- if they'd worked on reminding me that there was "New Bana In A Uniform" to be had I'd have been paying way more attention. No all those trailers show is footage of a boat going up a wave - footage that makes me do a double take every time, thinking I've stepped through a time portal and it's the year 2000 and The Perfect Storm is suddenly new again. Nobody needs that! Give me Bana or give me nothing, nothing at all, or Eric Bana wearing nothing at all, that's what I always say.


Anonymous said...

i want to bottle his jism and drink it like milk

Anonymous said...

He's one of those people who gets hotter with age. I grew up watching him in a comedy sketch show called Full Frontal so it took a long time to accept him in dramatic roles. But he's terrific now.

Scot said...

I didn't even realize Bana was in this movie until you posted this. You would think the movie producers would loudly publicize the casting of Eric Bana and Chris Pine in another movie . Their last movie together did so well.