Monday, October 26, 2015

Good Morning, World

Have you ever seen the 2002 Aussie film The Nugget? I am guessing our Aussie readers will say yes while the rest of us are a notsomuch - I think it was very successful there anyway, and I can't help but feel in my bones that part of that reason was the whole "Eric Bana rolling around in briefs" scene. 

You'd think that would translate to International Box Office Record-Breaking but sometimes the rest of us just get it wrong. Anyway I was reminded of this scene when I saw some traffic on an old 2006 I did for National Underwear Day -- that was one of the very first big gratuitous things I did here at MNPP and it still gets some traffic. 

Looking at it now I realized how quaint it seems, and how desperately in need of gifs this particular scene was, and I couldn't find them anywhere on the internet when I went looking! So I rented the damn DVD off of Netflix old-school-like and I made them myself. I think we all can agree this was a worthy use of my time and effort.

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