Friday, January 29, 2016

We All Went A Little Mad Sometimes

There still hasn't been a definitive fictionalization of the Charles Manson story, probably because it's one of those cases where the terrifying non-fiction trumps the fakery. But people keep trying ,and if anybody's gonna take a stab at it then it might as well be the incredibly talented two-some who gave us American Psycho - director Mary Harron and screenwriter Genevieve Turner have adapted the book The Long Prison Journey of Leslie van Houten: Life Beyond the Cult, which is actually not about the 1969 murders or even as far as I can tell about Manson himself, not directly anyway - it's about the friendships between a grad student and three of the "Manson Girls," and her process in helping to de-brainwash them. This sounds like a much more interesting angle, doesn't it?

Of course my second thought, after "Yay Mary Harron!" was to wonder if John Waters is a character in the book - he's been friends with "Manson Girl" Leslie van Houten for a very long time and has spoken at length about how he believes she's been rehabilitated and how she should be released. I'm more interested in who'd play him than in who'd play Charlie Manson, honestly. (thanks Mac)


SamS said...

Couldn't you see Johnny Depp playing JW? It was the first thing that came to my mind when you posed casting.

pony said...

It should be Steve Buscemi if it's old John, and Matthew Gray Gubler if it's young John (he said this himself somewhere), and in the middle... I have no idea. Johnny Depp was at his best in Ed Wood, and if anybody can get him to stop sucking it's Mary Harron, so maybe Sam's right?

Jake D said...

John Waters playing himself. Obvs