Thursday, November 12, 2015

Which Is Hotter?

It's Ryan Gosling's 35th birthday and oh what a long way the Mousketeer's traveled, eh? The past couple of years have been hit or miss but he's still got a lot of goodwill built up and I think most of us are holding out for good stuff to come. Will it be The Big Short, his movie starring a bunch of wigs? I have so many doubts about that movie honestly - too many wigs in that damn trailer. Will it be the Blade Runner reboot? Who the hell knows. For now let's look back at one of his most generous gifts to humanity, his dedication to wearing briefs on-screen.

You can see more of the prison scene in Pines here and 
you can see more of the lake scene in All Good Things here.
Keep up the brief work, Ryan!


Roark said...

Oh Half Nelson. Strung out junkie Ryan Gosling is the BEST Ryan Gosling!

Adam said...

Actors who look this good should be legally obligated to wear briefs.

Goose said...

Since I consider myself somewhat of a "penis connoisseur", I'm having trouble identifying the specific fruit or vegetable used to stuff Ryan's tighty whities in that last gif from Half Nelson. That's NOT what a dick looks like in underwear! Is that a fucking aubergine? I want to believe that a douchey cocky prick like Ryan Gosling would be a douchey cocky prick for a reason (come on guys, we all know from personal experience that big pricks usually have big prick, right?) but I can't cling to that hope when he stuffs his underwear with shit that doesn't even remotely looks like a penis and balls but instead looks like...I dunno, a crumpled up newspaper or something? O.o

Anonymous said...

Ryan Gosling is like Channing Tatum. Nice bodies. Faces that look like their mothers' doctors botched the abortion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above. Lovely bodies, but terrible faces.