Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kiss Me Gaspard I'm Dying

One of the very best movies of the year says me (here's my review) is Saint Laurent, Bertrand Bonello's sexy time-hopping designer biopic with Gaspard Ulliel, and now every single one of you (I'm assuming you've got a television or a computer, since you're reading this) can watch it because it's finally out on demand and on blu-ray. I'm curious how the film will play at home with distractions all around; both times I've seen it it's been in the theater on a big screen and I found it hypnotic, but it is very long and it might not play as well on the couch. Anyway The Playlist chatted with star Gaspard, who is fantastic in the film, and my choice bit is natch when he's asked about making out with Louis Garrel (psst there's video of the scene on YouTube) who he has screen-scorching chemistry with:

The Playlist: The kiss between you and Louis Garrel is one of the most memorable moments in "Saint Laurent." I have to ask, is Garrel a good kisser?
Ulliel: He is. The best! With a mustache! It was the first time I was kissing someone with a mustache. I'm very proud of this kiss, because it was maybe the only thing that you see in the film that was not in the script. During that night of shooting, Bertrand the director came to us, and he could sense there was something going on that was very smooth between Louis and me.
The Playlist: Smooth?
Ulliel: Very easy. No fear, no shyness. So he came to us and said, I realized that I missed something, a kiss between these two men. It would be a very strong moment. And Louis and I looked at each other for a beat, and we said ok, we'll give you one take. And that's the one you see in the movie.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually watching it now after the DVD arrived from Netflix. Gaspard and Ulliel (both of whom I've adored in the past) have insane chemistry in this.

Anonymous said...

Gaspard and Louis I meant. LOL!

Scot said...

If I said it wasn't Gaspard's first time doing that on screen, would it drive you crazy trying to figure out what I'm referring to? :o)