Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good Morning, Wittrock

I had planned on posting this news yesterday as "Quote of the Day" material, but then I stumbled upon this picture of Finn Wittrock hanging out half-naked with his adorable pit-pawing pup and hey whaddya know I had to post it for morning time. (And we got our "Quote of the Day" with Tom Hiddleston's Hot Naked Butt Talk anyway.) So to get to Finn''s quote, he chatted with People about what to expect with his new character the male-model called Tristan on American Horror Story: Hotel (thanks Mac) and had this to say:

"The sex and the blood are really amped up too and outdoing themselves... There's a little homo-erotica. My character's not gay, but he does what he's got to do to get by. That entails a few things."

Let's hope it entails (emphasis on tail) a few things with Matt Bomer specifically. We've got two weeks til showtime! Oh and here's a new picture of Finn in character as the male-model called Tristan (I just like saying that ridiculous phrase don't mind me):


Sébastien Sarmiento said...

Did you checked the bonuses on the AHS:Freakshow DVD yet ? There is a little behind the scenes where you can see Finn and Matt Bomer "playing" in their underpants ;)

JA said...

Seriously??? Damn I'll have to find that