Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our Bodies Are Ready

Well if you were too embarrassed (emphasis on bare-assed) to go to the movie theater and say "One ticket for the Male Stripper Sequel, please!" then your time has come -- the Magic Mike XXL blu-ray release date has been announced! It will come (emphasis on yeah you get it) out on October 6th (or it hits Digital HD two weeks earlier, on September 22nd). Here's my review of the movie, which I enjoyed a lot, even if once again it skimped on the full monty we are owed. At least Joe Manganiello got in the spirit...

Naturally once the blu-ray is out we can have a nicer copy of that -- what I'm looking forward to capping most is that part where Matt Bomer's butt's half hanging out of his pants; that burned itself into my brain, that part. Aaaanyway the extras on the blu-ray say they include something called "The Moves of Magic Mike XXL" which will hopefully have some extended (emphasis on extended) footage.

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pancakes said...

Hey Joe Manganiello, they're called squats, might want to look into it. :/