Thursday, August 20, 2015

Good Morning, World

Alright so who's watching Mr. Robot? I finally started this week -- I am only four episodes in so shut your mouths about any more recent developments, but I'd like to hear your non-spoilery thoughts (or spoilery up to episode four). I like the show but I can't say I love the show -- I do find my attention drifting off more often than it should be. And visually it's fantastic but I keep thinking it's ripping off the far superior Utopia in that regard and then I get angry that Utopia's never gonna get seen in the US and then I'm distracted again.

I'm surprised I'm using (the admittedly tight) Rami Malek for this post though and not the villainous Martin Wallström, which is where my real crush lie... of course I am crushing on the villain. Always the villain. The wildly explicit [censored for spoiler] certainly helped! I am hooked for the devilish Mr. Wallström, if nothing else. (But there is more else, though.)


Ryan T. said...

YES to both. Wouldn't throw Elliot's boss out of bed either tbh.

I love the show. I totally get people's attention waning a bit during episodes. I know that happens with my roomie since the show is so purposefully keeping the audience at a distance ala its main character. It also doesn't help that computer hacking/tech speak is pretty much just gibberish to many of us.

BUT it does help to have gorgeous cinematography and captivating performances. I know you're only 4 episodes in, but holy moley... you're in for a ride. AND NOW... to click on the "I'm not a robot" prompt to post this comment. Ha!

creamycamper said...

I enjoy it as well. It is so NOT a USA show, which is refreshing for a change. I would like to see more explicit [censored for spoilery], but on the whole, I find it entertaining. I have found that even though Elliot is totally not my type, I'm completely falling for his eyes.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bless you. The Wallstrom gif you used for this post was not the gif I thought you would use, but my goodness does that work for me.

The Bloody Munchkin

Unknown said...

There are a lot of clever things going on, but I think the best part is that the show knows it is on USA network, traditional home of cheaply glossy B-cable episodic series. The camera and editing work will often lull you with old visual tropes just long enough to make the next whipcrack more disconcerting.