Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do The Pinter

I'd briefly thought about wanting to see Clive Owen's upcoming take on Harold Pinter's play Old Times on Broadway because I do love me some Clive, but such things are usually outside of my budget so I let the temptation pass unto the same oblivion so many other such temptations have fallen (this pause is in remembrance of all the times Daniel Craig has hit the boards over the past few years). If there was an actress I like starring opposite Clive that might've pushed me into the yes column but I do not like Kelly Reilly, I do not like her at all, not a bit. She probably aided with putting me into the no column, actually.

But now today comes news that Thom Yorke -- yes, Radiohead's Thom Yorke -- has composed new music for the show (thanks Mac) and good goddamn this is tough! If Thom was actually going to be there performing the music there wouldn't even be any hesitation. As is... maybe they'll release the music somehow? Yeah I still can't get over the Kelly Reilly hump. Sorry, Thom. Shouldn't you be working on the new Radiohead record anyway? Get to it!

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