Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beards Screaming, Screaming Beards

I very likely will never see 13 Hours, Michael's Bay's so-called "Benghazi movie," because I already know I have an appointment shoving needles under my fingernails that day, and it can't be rescheduled. But I got suckered into a look at the trailer anyway because I caught a glimpse of John Krasinski's beard and I am not strong, no not strong, and hey I was rewarded with a really quick glimpse of Bearded John Krasinski Shirtless, at least...

I could use a clearer look, of course -- hopefully at some point between now and this thing's release in January we'll get the "John Krasinski's Abs" media push where he'll talk in depth over and over again about doing tummy exercises while Emily Blunt rubbed his toes or whatever and they'll share lots of behind-the-scenes work-out videos, and then I can feel like "a Michael Bay movie about Benghazi" wasn't a total abortion.

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