Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Magic Mike Jr.

Have I ever told you guys that my father was a stripper when I was a kid? I never knew it until I was older (I was raised by my mother) but he apparently did it some on the side while he was off gallivanting around not being a father to me or whatever. (This story would probably be more thrilling if I weren't lacing it with bitterness... but then where's the truth in that?) Anyway I was sufficiently skeeved out by the thought of that and looking at these pictures of a young Channing Tatum working it for sweaty singles (via) is bringing the feeling back.

Anyway Magic Mike XXL is out in theaters tomorrow and I saw it yesterday and planned on writing my review today but it turns out the studio wants the reviews to wait until tomorrow so tomorrow it is, today be damned. Check back here in the morning, tomorrow morning, for that then! (And click these pictures to embiggen.)

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Anonymous said...

He looks like he's covered in that orange liquid they splash over you before surgery.