Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Morning, Scudder

It is the 52nd birthday of the actor Rupert Graves, who will forever be to me at least Alec Scudder, the boyishly handsome brunette in the background above, behind Maurice's main character played by James Wilby. Please tell me you've all seen Maurice by now? We've posted some great caps before, click here, yet I'd never seen the above picture. Anyway a happy birthday to my #1 Movie Boyfriend. I need a Scudder Forever tattoo.


retropian said...

Rupert is currently appearing in Last Tango to Halifax on PBS. Ep. 1 of season 3 just aired. He looks good. I am always happy to see him on screen. Wouldn't it be great if a sequel to Maurice were created? I would love to see a follow up to their story almost 30 years later.

dkellergrl said...

That kiss will always be epic.