Friday, May 01, 2015

Pics of the Day

I really really reeeeally would love to here y'all's captions for that picture of John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper in Cameron Crowe's new movie Aloha. It is beggggging for a good caption. As is this one...

... too. Especially since I doubt the movie's going to push the way that these pictures are making me feel (and the trailer - the trailer did this too!). But hey, we'll take it for now. I sure don't have much interest in seeing this movie otherwise.

The Playlist shared a big batch of new pics from the movie, which is out at the end of this month; see the rest at that link.

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dk468 said...

after American" let's kill some towel heads" Sh!tter, I have absolutely no good will towards this douche!