Friday, May 01, 2015

Nothing But The Holeshot Truth

(click to embiggen) Normally I'd edit that picture to focus in on sweaty Jake but I actually think compositionally that's a striking shot so I'll leave her be. (via) And as long as we're talking Jake...

... did you guys see his "boy band" past revealed on Ellen this week? Apparently he was in a boy band called Holeshot when he was in high school. HOLESHOT. Oh my god. I would hand my mother over to Al Qaeda for a copy of that CD, I swear it. Watch the video here.


tanpoffel said...

The best ELLEN bit is actually when they talk about Jake being single and neither Jake (!) nor Ellen (!!!) ever use the world girl, always going for them, their, they, partner, person... If only Jake did it, then, sure why not, he might be trying to keep the gay fans happy but also Ellen, whose studio audience is composed of like 95% middle-aged females in heat?!

Anonymous said...

@ tanpoffel

yeah it's been gender-neutral since the vanity fair interview for the play. so let's cut the lad some slack!


Countervail said...

When is he going to come out? That business about him dating was just sad.

Anonymous said...

@ Countervail

nah, constantly hounding him because he's "obviously" "different", is sadder. And totally un-self aware.