Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Most Delicious News

I don't know if you guys have ever noticed but sometimes I let my passions get away from me - cue record screeching, a dropped martini glass, and an old woman peering over the edge of her bifocals in shock. And so I kind of went a liiiiittle high-pitched when I found out that copy of the signed special-edition of the Art & Making of Hannibal book that I'd ordered had gotten canceled because of a screw-up on the publisher's part. I was a liiiiittle embarrased about the post in retrospect honestly, and I considered deleting it, but then I remembered that oh right nobody actually gives a fuck I'm being silly. Cut to now...
My whining worked, is the lesson I'm taking away.
Changing the world one hissy-fit at a time!
You're all welcome.

Oh and here's a new ad for Hannibal!

Just 22 days to go!!!


shawnp said...

you called Bryan Fuller, didn't you?

"I mean, I'm not gonna be igNORED Bryan!!"

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, when my order got cancelled I was like the ancient mariner grabbing the sleeves of passers by to tell them my woeful tale.

A hannibal book just brings out healthy passions in a person.