Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Javier Bardem Hangin Tough

It's super tempting to ask y'all who wore the classic early-90s "shirtless under unbuttoned overalls" look better between that vintage picture of Javier Bardem above and this picture of Jordan Knight circa NKOTB, but I'd just hate to bruise Javi's tender ego like that (since nobody but nobody beats Jordan) so I'll leave him be. 

In actual news news, Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz (maybe you've heard of her?) are teaming up to make Escobar, yet another bio-pic of the drug-lord, this time an adaptation of a memoir by a journalist who had an affair with him in the 1980s. But I suppose they can get away with memorizing the dude so soon after the Josh Hutcherson movie since nobody saw that one. The movie's set to film later this year. In summation: Cocaine! S'helluva drug.

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