Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Am Link

--- Luna Eclipse - Diego Luna, my beloved Diego Luna, has landed a leading role in the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One! He's starring opposite unsalted breadstick Felicity Jones and our boy Riz Ahmed. I love the fact that every male actor that's been up for a lead role in this film has been non-white - for awhile Edgar Ramirez was rumored. Gareth Edwards, of Godzilla & Monsters, is directing.

--- Streaming Windmills - This is what happens when companies use their power for good not evil - Amazon is throwing some money at both Jim Jarmusch and Terry Gilliam to make their next movies. I feel a little less gross about buying literally everything I ever buy via Amazon now. There's no word on what the projects are but The Playlist speculates that Jarmusch is making a bus driver slash poet movie he'd recently talked about, and Gilliam... well what else would it be besides that goddamned Don Quixote movie? That thing will be the death of not just him but us all.

--- Fantastic Man - Back in March the rumor was that Dr. Who star Matt Smith would be the lead in JK Rowling's new movie series slash Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, but now the word on the street is Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne's the frontrunner. I've never actually seen Smith in anything so it's not exactly a fair fight but I'm totally Team Redmayne. But he has to promise to make out with Hugh Dancy some more. That's all I ask. In a movie, on the street, whatever.

--- Super Selma - I'm torn on the news that Selma director Ava DuVernay is apparently Marvel's first choice to direct either their Black Panther movie or their Captain Marvel movie - it's great that they're looking for directors of color and females to boot! But Ava just made a transcendent fucking movie last year and I feel like maybe her time could be better spent? But then maybe she'd make a kick-ass superhero movie - who knows? I am going back and forth.

--- I Don't Belong Here - I've been dying to see the Mark Duplass horror flick Creep ever since it got great reviews at 2014's South By Southwest fest but I hadn't heard jack-shit about it since, even though I'd been checking sporadically - well we finally have news: it's getting released via Netflix on July 14th. The movie is supposed to turn into a trilogy of films; no news on any of that.

--- Extending The Apocalypse - While doing press for Ex Machina Alex Garland said that he's apparently come up with the genesis of the idea for 28 Months Later, a third film in the zombie series which he originally created with Danny Boyle, and it very well might happen soon. We'd heard Boyle was kicking around the project not too long ago... and as always I must add that my favorite film is the second one, which neither Boyle nor Garland had much of anything to do with.

--- French Fass - Michael Fassbender's MacBeth is premiering at Cannes very soon and so he's probably going to be doing tons of interviews over the next week or so (also hopefully he and Jake and Xavier will hopefully be sharing a hotel room) -- anyway here's an early one with Variety (thanks Mac) that I adored; it's quick and silly. Loved this:

Variety: Are you making Prometheus 2?
Fassy: I don’t know. I just follow the Internet to find out what I’m doing these days. The mighty Internet has told me it’s happening.

Hey Michael -- I am on the internet, and I have several things to tell you to do. SEVERAL.
--- And Finally here's the trailer for Mia Hansen-Løve's "90s rave scene" film Eden, which I missed at NYFF last year much to my chagrin - I guess I'll have to watch it with all y'all plebes when it's out June 19th. The trailer features a lot of Greta Gerwig but I don't think she's in it much? Still she's why I wanna see it.


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