Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Oh Yeah And Then I Met Laura Dern

There will never be in a thousand thousand lifetimes enough breath in my lungs to express enough thanks to my friend Glenn Dunks for grabbing me by the arm and dragging me across a room to introduce me to Laura Dern at the holiday party for Fox Searchlight last night. There's the picture! It happened! If I'm tasked with remembering the specifics of our conversation, which actually must've gone on for at least five to ten full minutes (either that or ten hours, or half a millisecond, something like that, time might've collapsed in upon itself during the experience), I'm gonna fall into a stupor - I remember calling her Dr. Ellie Satler because I am King of the Nerds, I remember us telling her she needs to get a role on David Lynch's Twin Peaks return, I remember her arm was around my middle while we took that picture, and then everything starts going white........ broad impressions are just that she was super duper crazy friendly and warm, and totally stunning, and just as tall as you think she is. I'm still floating today. (ETA I suppose I should add, for complete-ist's sake, that I also sttod next to Reese Witherspoon and Edward Norton at this party. Reese is teeny tiny but she looked fantastic; Norton is, I'd forgotten, actually very tall - easily 6 foot. And more handsome in person than I anticipated.)


Sandisan said...

That is such a happy picture!! So jealous of you!

triggerua said...

Fairy tales can come true

It can happen to you if you're young at heart

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Such a big moment for you!!! We all know how much you love her

Remington said...

Oh my god, I am SOOOOO fucking happy for you, Jason!!!!!!!! :) And I am VERY jealous as well, haha! I'm glad she lived up to your expectations! And I LOVE that you called her Dr. Ellie Sattler! I no doubt would have done the same exact thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

lucky you. laura = an actor that always delivers. love her

ps my captcha number to prove i'm not a bot was 227. i loved that show. lol "unhhh mareeeeeee!"