Wednesday, December 03, 2014

There You Are, Lady July

I've been patiently waiting and waiting and waiting for news of what my favorite renaissance hipster Miranda July would be up to next (it's been three years since The Future came out!) and we've finally gotten it - she's written a book! I mean a novel, a proper novel; she has already put out a couple of wonderful books before - there was her short story collection, and then that side-project with The Future about the classified ads. But this new one, it's a novel called The First Bad Man, and it comes out on January 13th. So quick! You can already pre-order your copy here

She'll also be doing a little book tour around the US, you can find those dates here. And also, because she's always got new tricks up her cardigan sleeves, she's selling items - things like dollar bills and bobby pins and high heels and so forth - that are related to the book on the book's website, cuz why not? She's a pip, I tell ya what.

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