Thursday, October 30, 2014

Everybody's Already Made All...

 ...the "Chris Evans yanks on Chris Hemsworth's hammer" 
jokes by now right? Dammit I took too long.

I love the shot of Chris staring on amusedly though. 
"Oh yeah, Steve. Pull haaaaarrrrrder...."

I'll include this shot of Downey & Cheadle tag-teaming Chris Hemsworth's hammer just because it allows me to write that sentence, even though I don't much like either of them. Also...

... Scarlett's thanks-but-no-thanks is hysterical. 

This was such a wise pick for a scene to set up the new trailer - give or take my personal reaction to those middle guys, The Avengers was a big hit because among the spectacle we really do just like hanging out with these folks, and it's been said a million times but Joss Whedon knows how to charm with a team dynamic. And also...

... he knows when to insert some beefcake. 
Here's the latest trailer:


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Marvelite said...

A new leaked clip from Age of Ultron has made its online featuring Chris Evans in ridiculously tight t-shit and pants arguing with Robert Downey Jr and then breaking a log with his bare hands. It's definitely very GIF-able. ;)