Friday, September 05, 2014

You Know, You Really Are Fantastic

Cuss yeah! I can't decide whether the fact that there are about to be Fantastic Mr. Fox figures to buy and own and love and hold makes me feel like Kylie, hypnotized with awe, or...

... Mr. Fox, uncontrollably voracious, but either way --
OH MY CUSS there are going to be Fantastic Mr. Fox figures!!!

Slash says they'll be out in stores in November, but Amazon has them listed for December 12th; maybe Amazon just has to update their info. Anyway you should buy them via the links I'm offering, I need the money, is my point. Here's Mr. Fox, and here's Ash, and here's Rat, and here's Kylie. Collect them all! And if you wanna buy one of each for me for the holidays, I ain't saying no.

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