Friday, September 05, 2014

Call The Fur Police! There's Been A Fur Crime!

Known Otter Emile Hirsch supposedly tweeted out this shirtless selfie last night according to JJ, adding "Getting Lean! #goldsgym" (ahh the poetry of modern conversation). He's since deleted the tweet (he's deleted all his tweets actually - has he ever even tweeted before? I assume he had since I follow him but I don't recall) and clearly it's shame that drove him to deletion. Deep soul-scarring shame over having waxed and sheared and plucked his preternaturally glorious pelt from existence. SHAME, EMILE. Here's a behind-the-scenes picture from Into the Wild of happier, hairier times:


Anonymous said...

James McAvoy similarly disappeard from Twitter as if he had never been there. Although I was following him as well. C'est la vie . . .

will h said...

This is a crime against humanity.

Emile Hirsch deletes all of his tweets on a regular basis. It's very bizarre. He's incredibly strange.

Guess that John Belushi movie's not happening, huh?