Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... pole dancing with Tyson Beckford.

I guess we're just Stripper Central today. But come on...

... how could we resist?

Those ladies in the above pic are my favorite ladies of ever. 
Fanning out the dollar bills. Get it.

These pictures are all from behind (clearly the emphasis is on the behind) the scenes of Chocolate City, that "black Magic Mike" we've talked about previously (here and here). Most of them are via Tyson Beckford's own Instagram account. Speaking of, Tyson Beckford's own Instagram account?

... is worth a look-see even besides all these stripper pics. 
After the jump I've collected up a few for perusing...

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Anonymous said...

Well, chocolate is supposed to be good for you. Yum yum.