Thursday, September 18, 2014

Behold The Face of Genius

I wonder if any Alex Pettyfer news will present itself today and we can complete the Magic Mike rounds. (Something tells me no Alex Pettyfer news is going to present itself though.) (Mmm Alex Pettyfer presenting himself.) First we did Joe Manganiello, then we slapped it and rubbed it down with Bomer & McConaughey, and now here's news of their venerable leader Channing Tatum.

Chan's looking to star in an adaptation of Jason Padgett's memoir Struck By Genius, which is about a dude who was a dip-shit nobody loser (my words) until he got punched in the head at 31 and became a sudden math prodigy. It's apparently not as "Teen Wolf meets Good Will Hunting" as it sounds - it's a drama about how this messes up his life and turns him into an anti-social shell. Anyone read it? 

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