Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Am Link

--- David's Girl - David Fincher has gone on the record again that he thinks the second Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie could still happen, even though everybody on Earth whose name doesn't rhyme with Schmoony Schmara has moved on. Listen I learned my lesson calling things like this impossible when a Veronica Mars movie came out so I'll try to keep my cynicism in check - hell, I wanna see Daniel Craig slip into those impossibly tiny underpants again as much as the next perv.

--- Visiting Mars - I won't whine too much about my pal Jarett getting to go hang out on the set of the Veronica Mars online spin-off Play it Again, Dick with Ryan Hansen and Kristen Bell and so on for this article at Buzzfeed, because he's an even bigger fan of the show than me, of this I have no doubt. But still Jarett, you could've snatched a lock of Ryan's hair for me or something.

--- Grey Period - I think this interview's a few days old, I meant to link to it earlier, but here's Charlie Hunnam saying that it was "a nervous breakdown" that kept him from being able to take the role of Christian grey in Fifty Shades of Grey that eventually went to Jamie Dornan and his incredible edible abs. I think Charlie might be over-stating things a bit, it sounds like he was just over-worked and stressed out some - a full-blown nervous breakdown looks like shaved-head Britney with an umbrella, dude. You stay pretty, though.

--- Forever Destroyer - Marvel is re-working their contract with Drax himself, Dave Bautista, because apparently his character is going to play a big role in the upcoming storyline for the entire Universe, not just the Guardians movies. Dave Bautista is rubbing his firm belly with happiness today. In semi-related news hey did you hear that Chris Pratt is hosting the season premiere of SNL? Cannot wait. Oh and here's a new picture of Peggy Carter and friends; no Dominic Cooper yet though.

--- Bearded Ambitions - While I admire the ultimate conclusion of "More Spider-bum!" in spirit, this article at Buzzfeed begging Andrew Garfield to shave off his gigantic beard is annoying me - at least do your homework, guys; he's grown it for the Scorsese movie Silence, about a 17th Jesuit priest, that he's going to be filming soon. It's like the bitching about the admittedly pasty and puffy and shaved look that James Franco's rocking right now - these guys are, after all, actors. They are not models. They have to look the part, and sometimes the part will be "person I don't want to have sex with." Crazy, but true. In related Andrew Garfield news I haven't read this whole thing yet but here's a new interview with him on a bunch of things, including the disappointing reception to the last Spider-Man movie.

--- Happy Jake - Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have a spring in his step this week; I think the positive critical buzz that Nightcrawler got in Toronto is agreeing with him. Here's a pair of lengthy video interviews with him on that mvoie, as well as a few new pictures. I've decided I'm holding off until I see the movie myself to look at any more stuff on it though, I've passed healthy saturation point.


Anonymous said...

Who's to say I didn't, Jason?

Jason Adams said...

LOL you took the bait! Gotcha.

In all honesty I will have that shit DNA-tested so no faking though. ;)