Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy 27, Tyler Hoechlin

First off, how have I missed that picture before now? I have posted many many pictures of Tyler Hoechlin before this, but never that one. Anyway I clicked on Tyler's IMDb page to see if he had been hired for any jobs besides the fifteenth season of Teen Wolf and saw something called Undrafted on there and it all came rushing back - he's co-starring with like twenty other hot pieces (Aaron Tveit, Matt Barr, Chase Crawford, Manny Montana, and Philip Winchester amongst others) in a movie about baseball that lil' Timmy from Jurassic Park is directing! You can read about that here. Here's a shot from the set of him and Chace Crawford in uniform:

You can see lots of pictures from the set here or here.

This definitely has potential.

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Rock Hudson's ghost said...

Another closeted gay guy who will NEVER come out. sigh