Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Golden Glory of Gillian

Great news, Hannibalcoholics (I know, I know, we're supposed to call ourselves "Fannibals," whatever I like my word): Gillian Anderson will be joining the third season of the show as a regular! The screen lit up every time her character showed (I mean that literally - the light they bathed her in was always so warm and golden) and the way last season ended, well, without being spoilery I think we were all hoping they could manage to buy up all of her time. 

In related news I've been slowly (very slowly) watching the first couple seasons of The X-Files on my commute to and from work, 95% of which I'd never seen before (I started watching the show much later in its run, at least regularly - after the first movie I think) and man am I enjoying it. And man is Gillian ever wonderful on it. Duchovny's great too, especially when there are red speedos and intense stare-downs with Krycek involved, but I'm all about Scully.

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Tom M said...

This is epically great news. Gillian is so under-appreciated. Did you watch "The Fall"...Emmy-caliber work? And now she's getting world class raves for her Blanche in "Streetcar" on stage in London (but you can see it in movie theaters next week, I think).