Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I Am Link

Before I dive into today's links let me admit that most of these are a day or two old; we're catching up after the long weekend, which was made longer by our unexpected travels. But these are important things not to be stepped over! And a huge debt of gratitude to MNPP great-pal Mac, who helped keep us up-to-date as we were away.

--- The Boys of Peggy - I still haven't seen like for real real confirmation that Dominic Cooper is going to be on the Captain America spin-off TV show Agent Carter, about Cap's past gal-pal Peggy's adventures creating SHIELD, but they do make mention of his name as if it's a given in this article at Variety telling us that a pair of lookers besides Dom are hopping aboard the show - first off there's Chad Michael Murray, who I've never felt right about lusting for really so I hope this gives me the chance to right that because the last time I saw him, super grunged up, he was really doing it for me like never before. And secondly there is our beloved Dollhouse alum Enver Gjokaj, which is awesome awesome awesome news, but I wonder if they'll ever tilt their hat towards the fact that Enver already played a character (granted a tiny one) in the Marvel Universe - he was NYPD in The Avengers.

--- Sex Worker - I haven't read this yet and I haven't watched this week's episode of Masters of Sex so if you have anything to say about either - DON'T - but here's a big interview with our girlfriend Lizzy Caplan in Rolling Stone. I'm just hoping they address the fact that she should scratch Amy Adams' eyes out and take her rightful role of Lois Lane.

--- Thick Like Hunnam - I wish my dick were the right dick but apparently Charlie Hunnam is sucking all the right dicks (not mine) because damn he is getting all of the parts these days. I guess passing on that porn movie made folks sit up and take notice of what I've been saying for years upon years. He's apparently up for the lead in the remake of Escape From New York, meaning we might get to see him tattooed and leathered up again even with his Sons of Anarchy show ending. That one's just a rumor for now - this other news is confirmed: he's going to play King Arthur for Guy Ritchie. Charlie's Pacific Rim co-star Idris Elba has already been cast as Arthur's mentor, and yes, once again cue thoughts again of Excalibur's armor fucking scene. Anyway I thought he was fine playing a stoic every-dude in Rim but I know I'm in the minority opinion... and I will admit he looks a little more limp in the wake of Chris Pratt's charms.

--- Rated LVT - Lars Von Trier's next project is apparently going to be a television show (in English) called The House That Jack Built, which he says will be "without precedent" but he always says that kind of thing. We have no idea what he means by that, or what it will be. But The Kingdom is so good I'm there already.

--- Buncha Cocksuckers - I was going to wait until next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my beloved Muriel's Wedding because it was released in the US in March of 1995, but it came out in its homeland of Australia in September 1994 and so perhaps I should think about doing something sooner, since Aussie websites are already taking the bait - here's TimeOut Sydney on Muriel's 20th, as well as the 20th of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, which apparently came out at pretty much the exact same time. The quotes from Daniel Lapaine about getting in shape for the movie are key. (thanks Glenn)

--- Gods Made Men - Like that Lizzy Caplan article above I haven't read this interview with Hannibal's Bryan Fuller all the way through just yet either, but apparently he talks a bunch about his future adaptation of American Gods with Neil Gaiman and what it'll have in common with Game of Thrones. I imagine the answer is not "lots of rape," but who knows.

--- Hail To The Thom - Radiohead is set to start working on their new album, they say, anytime now, which makes the news of an update to their Polyfauna app kind of exciting - I haven't gotten the chance to listen to the new sounds or see the new visuals, but I think you can guess I'm keen to do so.

--- Join The Borg - This would get a lot more love if it was Fran Kranz wearing the little red speedo and climbing into the ice bath, but this "YouTube star Flula Borg" (which is apparently a thing) looks damned fine himself in a little red speedo and Fran is there staring at him so it'll do for a mention, at least. Climb in with him, Fran!!!

--- Longbottom Bared - But I will post this video of Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, even if we're clearly all Ice-Bucket-Challenged out at this point, because come on, I had to. (You should also check out the Daniel Craig one since he mentions his nipples.)


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