Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Quote of the Day

By now you've probably already watched or read about Idris Elba's laughing off of The Great Bulge Incident of 2014 on Jimmy Kimmel last week - he handled it with his usual grace and charm and oh my god Idris keep talking about you dick please je ne sais quoi. But since we refuse to leave sleeping dogs lying, especially when we want those dogs to bark, bark, bark, maybe you missed this quote from Idris' co-star on The Wire Dominic West talking about it to Vulture (it's in the context of a conversation about actress Ruth Wilson, who co-starred with Idris on Luther and is now in Dominic's new project):

Vulture: Have you traded stories about Idris Elba? Luther to her, Stringer Bell to you. 
Dominic West: Have you seen the photos online? 
Vulture: Which ones? 
Dominic West: He’s been photographed on a set and there’s a question as to what the thing in his trousers is. 
Vulture: Oh, those photos. Somewhere, Jon Hamm is cheering that it’s not him this time. 
Dominic West: I think he said on Twitter it was a microphone [Editor’s note: Elba said it was a mike wire], but our sound girl on The Affair was pouring over this photo all night and has pronounced that there’s no microphone that looks like that. 
Vulture: Well, okay then! So you and Ruth have it settled. 
Dominic West: Oh, yeah, we were literally looking at it just now. We both tried valiantly to pursue what was in his trousers. 

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