Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I Am Link

--- Space Invaders - I am done with watching any more Guardians of the Galaxy footage - I don't need a speck more convincing. Hell I was convinced when they showed Chris Pratt's heaving bared bosoms, let's be honest. But there's a new trailer and some new pictures, in case you need it. And yes, there's more of Chris Pratt's heaving bared bosoms. Speaking of in case you missed the behind-the-scenes picture I posted of Chris over at the Tumblr yesterday, you probably should click over, he's looking very very fine in it.

--- Calling Cut - I'm pretty sure when I mentioned reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl y'all mentioned her other book Sharp Objects - well now that book is getting turned into a TV series, and from Buffy's Marni Noxon no less. It's also being produced by the production house behind all the Insidious and Paranormal Activity movies and so on. It's about a reporter sent to her hometown to cover the deaths of two young girls.

--- Bird Flipper - George R. R. Martin does not appreciate it when people imply that he might croak before he finishes writing the remaining books of his Song of Ice and Fire series, he does not appreciate it one iota, and he's got a message for those of us who might feel the need to express such a sentiment. It involves one of his fingers pointed in the opposite direction of the rest of the fingers on that same hand, this message.

--- Dark Deeds - Hard Candy director David Slade, who's been busy directing lots of episodes of Hannibal as of late, is turning to an adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' comic series Powers next - it's about a pair of cops who're protecting the world's remaining humans from a world filled with people with superpowers. Anybody read it? The weird thing about this show for me is it's being made exclusively for Playstation's own network. Um, okay. I guess that's a thing.

--- Missing Amy - Apparently AMPAS is doing an online video series talking to creative people and they just chatted with one of our faves - Mike White, he of Chuck & Buck and Enlightened and on and on. (thanks Mac) Most importantly in the chat is the fact that Mike doesn't slam the door on the idea of Enlightened continuing down the road - he points to The Comeback and implies anything's possible. Enlightened really did end beautifully, I'm not super bitter about it or anything, he told a complete story... but I know he could find a way to make it completer, ya know? Ya know.

--- New True - The Playlist got some quotes from director William Friedkin that imply he's at least somewhere in the mix for having something to do with the second season of True Detective. I'd say I was excited but I think Cary Fukunaga's a great director too and yet I hated the first season of that show - my problem was with the writing, and the performances (mainly McConaughey). So just sticking William Friedkin on this project isn't totally enough to convince me, anyway. (Although lord knows I'll end up watching it whatever happens, I'm sure.)

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