Friday, September 13, 2013

In In In In Insidious... Two

So who's seeing Insidious Chapter 2 this weekend? or maybe you already saw it - I do believe they played the film last night in some theaters with a double-feature including the first movie. Now don't go ruining anything for me (I have pretty successfully avoided spoilers and I'm not seeing it until tomorrow) but I'd love to hear some non-spoilery opinions! And after tomorrow, feel free to be spoilery. I hope I like this better than I liked The Conjuring, is all I hope. I loved the first film.


Shags said...

I LOVED the first one and was completely disappointed by the second. It worked best when it connected to the first film, but I loathed the new story that was woven into this one. It was a merging of overplayed themes that lacked the originality of the first film.

Anonymous said...

I have to completely disagree with Shags...sorry. I love the 1st and this one is more of a continuation then a sequel. I rented #1 and watched it again before seeing Chapter 2 which was a very good thing. This was a really well written movie that paid attention to the smallest details and tied up all the loose ends. I jumped out of my seat several times even when I knew exactly what was about to happen.
Non-spoiler criticisms:
1. If I were them I would live in a one room house and I would ALWAYS leave the lights on.
2. While some might say this movie could be predictable I think it really was just unsurprising. #1 kept me completely guessing but even though I kinda knew what to expect in #2 it was like a YES! then a oh no. I really enjoyed what they did.
3. #2 takes place just days after #1 ends. The present timeline was hard to gauge and it was a bit annoying how the characters didn't talk to each other enough.

Can't wait for your review.