Thursday, February 14, 2013

Judy Busby & Julie

You have made your picks! The three musicals out of The Best of Warner Brothers - 20 Film Collection: Musicals boxed-set that I will be watching and reviewing are 1933's 42nd Street (with famed choreography from Busby Berkeley), George Cukor's 1954 flick A Star is Born with Judy Garland giving what many people consider her finest performance, and Blake Edwards' 1982 gender-bender Victor Victoria with Julie Andrews mussing up her do-gooder image as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. These three pulled ahead early on and never looked back. 

I've seen bits of 42nd Street - definitely the Busby sequence at the end, at least. My boyfriend loves him some Busby so it's been around the house before. (And I loathe Ruby Keeler and her smug face, for the record. Team Blondell!) But the other two I'm a total virgin for. So stay tuned! More to come, of the stomping and hand waving and uvula flapping sort, right soon.


Anonymous said...

Yuck. Victor Victoria is awful. Only for boring queens.

joel65913 said...

Good choices. I'm sure A Star is Born is the restored version with some of the lost scenes shown with photos and the soundtrack behind them. It adds a lot to the fullness of the story of the film but it does take a bit to get use to the different rhythm that they give to the first portion of the picture. They only take up a small part of the film but it helps to know that they are going to be there before watching the movie.