Thursday, February 14, 2013

Matty's New Plaid Pants

Hey look who's giving us a shout-out! 
I love you back, Matthew Bomer.
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Ronald said...

I've always found him beautiful, of course, but something about these pictures is...different. Does he look...MORE beautiful?

Heather said...

Happy Valentine's day to me! Thanks for the love, Jason.

Derreck said...

I agree with Ronald. He does look somewhat different in te face. Can't put my dick on it.

Whoops. I mean, i can't put my finger on it.

Scot said...

He does look different without his bangs hanging down in his face, and the high and tight sides. He's also clean shaven in these pictures. Usually he has some facial hair going on. I still think he is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, but I like him better with bangs. Plus, lately, we're used to seeing him without clothes. I like that look much better!

Anonymous said...

I do think we can all agree we'll take Matty any way we can get him. I do agree when I first saw these pics via Da Man, I said to self...HE IS DA MAN!!! He is perfection from the inside out. It is a dam good thing he is a humble as he appears in interviews, his causes, his children and etc. Or I truly believe we would not swoon over him the way we all do ( really speaking for self here). There is just something about him his beauty really knows no bounds. He is a work of art. Certainly makes a photographers job delicious and easy! His parents had some fantastic combo of DNA, to then raise him very well. And he gets better with age too!