Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Am Link

--- Trouser Snake - David Fincher directed the new Justin Timebrlake video and it is pretty as all get out (up to and including the way those trousers fit Justin), but I watched it without the sound on and I am totally good with that, and will presumably remain good with that.

--- One Frame - Nat's announced a new season of his "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" series at The Film Experience, wherein people choose their favorite shots from weekly prescribed films and blog about them; I always mean to participate more than I end up doing but I always read as much as I can since it's a blast every time out. Films lined up - The Wizard of Oz, Barbarella, and Jackie Brown! With more to come!

--- What's Watts - Glenn takes a look at an interview with Naomi Watts over at Stale Popcorn, which touches upon Mulholland Drive and King Kong and Nicole Kidman... oh my. I still haven't seen The Impossible yet; I feel as if it's a movie that's going to annoy me, but we'll see.

--- Little Finger - Little big man Peter Dinklage has joined the cast of the new X-Men movie; The Playlist is speculating who he will play. I would watch him and Michael Fassbender do it, by the way.

--- Size Down - Richard Matheson is going to write an updated screenplay for his old story The Incredible Shrinking Man with his son, and MGM is going to turn said screenplay into a movie. Have I ever mentioned how much I loved Honey I Shrunk the Kids when I was like 13? I was addicted to that movie. I haven't seen it in probably twenty years though. Time for a revisit?

--- Kirk Ass - Wait, William Shatner called JJ Abrams "a pig" for taking on Star Trek and Star Wars at once? Everybody's probably already discussed this but I missed it until now. I don't want to like William Shatner you guys.

--- And finally, go read my bud Joe's first piece for TribecaFilm, where he's become their new resident blogger! He's talking about cinematographer Roger Deakins' lesser-known works, on the cusp of him maybe finally winning his first Oscar for Skyfall, maybe possibly, well overdue for sure.

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HenryK said...

You should totally watch "The Impossible". It´s magnific!